Monday, October 31, 2011

Peanut Butter rise

Due to the poor harvest season of peanuts, the price of peanut butter is going to increase for the following weeks. This is the worst harvest in decades says CNN. This rise is going to affect a lot of other markets because consumers will now try to find a substitute for a cheaper price. It will be this way until there is a new harvest of peanuts to come. Another way this will effect a good is its complement jelly with either making the consumption of it decrease while its prices stay the same. Peanut butter is one of the most commonly bought items in most households, and with an expected 13% drop of its amount sold will show that some people will find a new way to substitute this common good. This is also going to raise the prices of goods containing peanut butter, so if there is a way that the harvesters could begin harvesting for peanuts again it would be a great thing to lower this good back to its original low price.

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longhornfan210 said...

Q I am very glad I read your blog because I was clueless about this issue. This greatly affects many people in the world especially ME!! I eat peanut butter every single day and this price increase will definitely affect my parents pockets. I agree with you regarding the complement to peanut butter, jelly. I hope my parents do not stop buying peanut butter because of this price increase.

-Michael Murph