Friday, October 28, 2011

Rodgers Bringing in the Green

Big shocker, Aaron Rodgers jerseys have the highest sales out of all NFL jerseys according to Darren Rovell. Green Bay fans probably have Rodgers shrines in their homes and worship their local hero on a daily basis. Rodgers has continued the Packers winning streak and the Super Bowl champs have a 7-0 record so far this season. Naturally, the demand for Aaron Rodgers jerseys is very high and will continue to be so for awhile. To my surprise, Michael Vick was number three on the list. Yes he's a good quarterback and has been racking up the fantasy points but with all the PETA people and dog lovers out there, it doesn't seem like Vick jerseys would be wanted that bad. After his recent shenanigans and poor performance this season, Big Ben Roethlisberger has dropped out of the top selling list. He's not that great anymore and Pittsburgh isn't too hot this season, weakening the demand for Roethlisberger jerseys. No one is really going to want to shell out quite a bit of cash for a player who isn't having a good season and isn't that popular amongst viewers. But rookie Cam Newton, who is breaking records left and right, has made it onto the list. He's been fun to watch, fans love him, and even though his team is 2-5 the demand for Cam is high. This just goes to show that demand is dependent on so many variables and when it comes to sports, popularity and success mean everything.

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