Thursday, October 13, 2011

The price on batgirl, superman and Lady Gaga

BOO! Halloween is closer and closer as the month of October flies by high school students. So many costumes are in stores and there are so many ideas now that the media influences teens to dress up as the character or actual person related to the current event news like Lady Gaga. However, how much does it cost to be that person or buy a costume before, during and after Halloween? Has anyone ever compared the price of one costume to making your own costume to like your favorite idol? Or the fact that when Halloween comes around there are stores open only for that specific event? One thing that I have noticed is when October begins, the demand for costumes and accessories is low and the supply is adequate but they wait for the month to reach their day: Halloween. As the days gets closer and closer to Halloween though, costume prices increase as much as eighty dollars or more! Businesses know the Law of Supply and Demand and they know that when demand goes up, their supply goes down but they get big bucks if they name that right price. Not only do the costume prices increase but accessories, that are needed to complete a costume, and Halloween house decorations have prices that follow. Some costumes don't even have the full necessary items so you have to buy those other items to make you look like the character you want. After Hallloween though, the demand for costumes decreases and the supply of costumes decrease, too: That's when all costume, accesories and decorations go on clearance since they are no longer needed. Assuming that a person stays the same size, buying a costume after Halloween seems like a cheaper way to dress up for next Halloween. Is a home made costume better than a bought one? Hmmm, maybe. Could be that maybe Halloween is much more expensive than Thanksgiving? Possibly, but for now, waiting for Halloween to pass and buying a costume 3/4 of what it originally cost so I can wear for next year's Halloween sounds more frugal to me.


Daniel said...

Most stores who sell costumes, sell them close to Haloween in order to meet the increase of demand as the day comes closer. To an extent it could be much cheaper to make your own costume, but that takes time and not everyone is willing to use their time making a costume they will only use once that year. Also the reasons costumes increase in price and quantity closer to Haloween, is in order for stores to maximize profit. In reality the cost for a company to make a certain costume is much cheaper than what the stoere may sell it for before Haloween. The price of production for the costume usually close to the price the costume is sold at after Haloween during clearance. During the month of October it becomes obvious to see a store's main goal to maximize profit from costumes.

Daniela Ramirez said...

Thanks for commenting! I agree with you, profit is the main goal of producer who is selling Halloween items. Yes making a costume is pretty timely and how the quote says, time is money.