Friday, October 28, 2011

The Magical Limited Sandwich

What has a saucy barbecue flavor, sells for a limited time, is sold under the two golden arches logo and has helped its market? The McDonald's McRib! America's favorite sandwich has come back for a limited time in all available McDonald's fast food restaurants causing excitement amongst its costumers and the hope of more to come. Making the McRib a scarcity by saying it is available for a limited time has the costumers jumping out of their seats and running to get the sandwich making an inelastic decision because they buy the sandwich no matter what godly price it is. This is actually a great strategic way for the market to increase its profits because the sandwich is so good, according to 7,000 fans, customers would buy the sandwich for the time it is placed on the menu. How extreme do people go for this infamous sandwich? Many people drive more than 500 miles from one McDonalds to another just so they can get their hands on the sandwich not paying caring how much money they spend on gas (check out link 1). Other people have gone to the point to post where the McRibs are being sold(check out link 2). Now, if the McRib is such a successful way to earn money, why not make it permanent? Aha! That's where advertisement comes in persuading people to buy as much as possible before they all sell out making huge profits from a simple sandwich. Ronald McDonald, you have showed us yet another side of money you attain.
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