Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Sensitive Topic

2011 is the year that candidates who are running for president have to be prepared to answer any issue in the U.S. no matter what. There's health care, immigration, education, etc. A very sensitive topic to talk about is abortion being legalized or illegalized in the United States. This is a very hard topic to answer and try to create a solution for because one may not now the background story of each woman who aborted like if they were raped, abused or if the pregnancy was to risky. This relates to economy because the cost of an abortion is over 300 dollars on a certain amount of weeks fetus has grown but the money increases as the fetus grows. Though it looks expensive, can you really put a price on a life? Before abortion was illegal in certain U.S. states, 29 per 1,000 women have aborted in a year but after it became illegalized in some countries, the amount of women who have aborted has decreased by 10 making it 19 women per 1,000 woman. Due to the illegalization of some states on abortion, clinics have closed for they no longer make enough total revenue to be greater than their total cost. Having said this, some abortion clinics have even decreased the price on abortions because they haven't reached the equilibrium of a reasonable price to some women. Again, it is a very dangerous issue to discuss, but abortion is a morally debated topic that gives profit to an entrepreneur who opens a clinic.


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