Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Potato Chips Consumption Increase

Potato Chips have become more popular during the last few years, and are continuing to get more popular as new flavors come out. When the economy started going south, during the recession, the sales for potato chips increased by 22%. Reasons behind this could not only be because of new flavors, brands, etc., but because of their affordability. Most potato chip bags are sold very cheaply which could contribute to the great consumption in order to save money buying food. Even after the recession, potato chip sales continued to increase. Research has been done showing that there’s a trend of consumers increasingly eating salty snacks between meals and after dinner. The affordability has also greatly contributed to the consumption of potato chips. With the low prices of chips and their increasing demand companies could easily decide to raise the price in order to meet the new equilibrium price that has been created.

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Daniel K. said...

With it being said that potoato chips are a salty snack and more people are buying them because of their affordablity, it can also be said that the drink sales also increaded. because drinks are a compliement to salty foods.