Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is Our Economy Healthy?

Do you think we’re stilling feeling aftereffects of the recession ended in 2009? According to “The New Republic” article, our economy is growing too slow for the uprising population we’re seeing increase. The economy is getting left in the dust comparing to population, which could make our economy decrease quite a bit, therefore possibly sending us into another recession. Unemployment and under-employment is also affecting our economy by not giving a paycheck to employees for them to spend it and feed it back into our much-needed economy.

So how can we help the economy now? We could try and manage our importing and exporting a little, by that I mean we could try and not import, or buy as much, because then we just lose money even while we’re exporting, much fewer goods. We need to balance it out a little more, then jobs in that industry would have to be cut, therefore leading to more unemployment. Another possible solution is get the citizens to not be scared, and take there money out of savings and buying more things, raising the demand for employees, thus circulating money through our economy.

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