Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dynamic Pricing

Whoever came up with dynamic pricing is genius. Knowing that the demand of tickets is going to increase depending on different variables, just as weather, opponents, times, or even days of the week. The St. Louis Cardinals baseball organization exhibited dynamic pricing at is finest during and after the World Series Game 6. It showed the different prices jumping up $100 in a mere inning; less than an hour! Then jumping another $60 in less than an hour, and by the morning after the Cardinals won game 6, forcing a sudden death atmosphere forcing the deciding game 7, another $100 increase. The average price for a World Series ticket at The Cardinals stadium was around $750-$800 jumped to around $950, in less than 12 hours. The demand of these tickets affected by just a variable such as winning, sky rockets, not usually happening during the regular season if a team wins 1 out of 162 games. But if dynamic pricing is so successful, there have to be SOME cons of this perfectly good pricing method, so what do you think they are?

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Tre.V said...

I personally believe dynamic pricing to this extent is a bit outrageous. The price of a game should not be able to increase by 100’s within hours. Yet I agree its genius it works because majority of the people still pay for them anyways, which allows the business to shift equilibrium price and receive an higher total revenue.