Sunday, November 6, 2011

Drinking More and More Soda?

During the economic recession, sales on sodas increased while those of bottled water, juices, and other soft drinks went down. In 2009 soda sales went up by 2.5% while sales in drinkable dairy products went down by 15%. The most popular brands that have increased in consumption have been variations of Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola. The different flavors provided by each brand have satisfied the desires of consumers. A similar situation has occurred to the events I described in my previous post about the potato chips. The increase in sales has occurred due to the affordability of the sodas. Besides the affordability, just like with the potato chips, the variety of flavors contributes to the increase of popularity of different soda brands. It could also be assumed that the sales of potato chips and soda increasing can be related and the two could maybe be complements. The increase in the soda industry really isn’t a big surprise. Advertisement and pricing have contributed to its increase in consumption greatly.


megan said...

The soda companies had lowered their prices so while in recession their product would still be consumed. Their company worked toward consumer taste which was soda over the common good water. These two together cause the growth of their production sales. Also, if they were complements that would exactly happen.

Aditya said...

It is interesting how the economy changing changes the health habits of people. I understand it is because of the cost, but I would not expect people to end up completely changing their habits entirely.