Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Culture Change in Detroit

For the first time since 1980 the Detroit Lions are 3-0. We’ve seen the Lions at the bottom of the totem pole the last 30 seasons or so and now suddenly they’re leading the pack. Jamie Samuelsen's blog post, Detroit Lions culture has changed, states that what was needed in order for the teams luck to reverse was a culture change. The energy in Detroit must have been overwhelming on Sunday after the Lions came back from behind to beat the Minnesota Vikings 26-23. With the players and fans fired up about this season starting off perfect, Detroit is changing. Matt Stafford has gone from flop to local hero. More money is going to be pumped into the team through ticket sales, merchandise, and publicity. Those Lions fans from the good ol’ days are going to start tuning in on Sundays and viewer rates are going to go up. The demand for the Lions is skyrocketing. They just might be the new ‘Cinderella Story’ and this will have a financial impact on the city of Detroit that has suffered through the economic hardships of the last few years. More money is going to be circulating through the city and new demands will rise due to the success of the Lions.


Wei said...

Not only the Detroit Lions in NFL has improved, but also the Detroit Tigers have made their economy better. Detroit Tigers went to ALCS but was defeated by the Texas Rangers. Most people watch sports as entertainment but they enjoy watching the team win. People attend to support the winning team than the losing team. Supporting the team is basically buying the ticket to go see the game or buying the team’s gear. All the support from the fans will turn in to economic support to the city and the team. Which it all went down to the popularity of the team.

Larson McQuary said...

Cities with numerous sports teams have the opportunity to improve their economy much more so than cities with fewer teams. For instance, Dallas has the Mavs, Rangers, Stars, Cowboys, and FC Dallas. If each team is successful, more revenue will be pumped into the city due to the number of fans watching their local team and supporting their victories. Even if only one or two out of our teams does well, that still generates money.